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About us

Hi! We’re the faces behind love mornings.

We are a well-informed team that is backed by leading scientists. We are trained medical computer scientists and biomedical engineers.

We are dedicated to help people love their mornings.



The idea for love mornings came up because we know the difficulties connected to the topic. We experienced not being able to get out of bed and its impact on our life.

In one thing we agree with all the other courses that are online: Waking up sets the tone for the rest of the day. It can help you be happier, healthier and more productive. This is why our vision is:

Make circadian health mainstream and normal.


We know of the transformative power of mornings. But only grounded in scientific knowledge can unlock their full potentials. Through science, we understand that aligning with our body’s natural rhythm is the key. Through evidence-backed practices, we embrace the impact of light, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise on our mornings.

This is why we value the science behind love mornings so highly. And we hope that you do, too.

30 +

talks with
leading scientists

150 +

read by us

1200 +

hours we
researched for you


In order to reach this goal, we need you. We are always open for participation in our project. With you, with our community, we can make this course even better.

We’re always open for a chat, either via email or reddit. More channels to come soon!

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Our daily business is developing a smart device to make circadian light easier. If your’re interested in that – head over to our website