7 days to self-determined mornings.

Introducing: Love mornings. A new way to get out of bed easier backed by scientific evidence. Find structure and self-determination for fulfilling days.

Hearing my alarm ring is one of my least favourite sounds.”

Find yourself in these words? Love mornings helps.

It is possible to like waking up with a 7-day course.

You know the feeling of crushing tiredness right after opening your eyes. Learn how to get rid of it in 7 days using science we gathered over the last 3 years.

7-days of science to love mornings

Extensive research on circadian rhythms and morning routines highlights the profound impact of mornings on human well-being.

My days start better, end better and feel better in between.

Klara, 26

Be more productive

Give yourself more time to tackle important tasks before other responsibilities arise.

Feel better

Early risers tend to have lower rates of depression and anxiety compared to night owls.

Get healthier

Early birds tend to have better sleep quality, higher energy levels, and lower risk of chronic conditions like diabetes.

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Test your knowledge on circadian health

What is melatonin? Where do I measure my CBT? You know everything already? Find the answers and get the top grade in our interactive quiz.

With love mornings, we help you achieve self-determined mornings.

But how? Our course comprises of three pillars:

7-day challenge

We crafted a guide that helps you become a morning person within seven days.

Supporting material

Our supporting material helps you turn the daily challenges into reality to develop lasting habits.

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Scientific background

Every step you take is backed by science. We’ll fill you up with knowledge to make the most out of your course.

Our love mornings 7 day course to become a morning person is in the testing phase. Therefore you get it for FREE.

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The Love Mornings course integrates scientific insights into practical strategies and daily challenges.

This empowers participants to unlock their morning potential and transform their overall well-being.

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Hi! We’re the faces behind love mornings.

We know the dreaded task of getting out of bed each morning, feeling sluggish and unproductive throughout the day. After countless experiments with different morning routines and scientific research on the topic we have built up a knowledge base that we want to share with you.